About Me

Hi – I am Graham and in 2018 I was diagnosed with TWO Primary Cancers (unrelated), Prostate Cancer and Lung Cancer (NSCLC ALK+).

Jan 2018 prior to any diagnosis.

I was 44 years old, fit, healthy, never-smoker, married with awesome twin seven year old boys. Professionally I had just taken the leap to start a business with a few friends. Life was going well, but for some reason a new challenge must have been needed, so I got two!

In 2018 I had a raised PSA (blood test for Prostate Cancer) which led to further scans and biopsies showing I had aggressive prostate cancer (Gleason score 9). While I was getting these tests, it was also discovered that I not only had one primary cancer but TWO!!

The doctors discovered I had a growth in my lung and later determined I had a rare lung cancer called ALK+ Lung Cancer and staged me at 3A. I later learnt that I am even more rare/lucky as only 4% of ALK+ patients are diagnosed under Stage 4.

This site is about my journey, my hints and tips that I discover and hopefully links to useful information for those interested. I really hope that no one else has both of these cancers, the odds are like winning the lottery – just no great prize money in this lottery.*

*8 Jun 2019 – Sadly today I learnt one other person has “won” the lotto like me – nice to know that I am not alone, but terrible that someone else has the same two cancers.